Cold Starters

Prawn Cocktail

Delicious luxury prawns served on a bed of lettuce and topped with Marie-Rose sauce


Crushed chickpeas blended with tahini, garlic, olive oil and lemon


A light cream dip of cod roe blended with oil and lemon juice, garnished with cucumber slices


Chopped cucumber in yogurt with mint and a hint of garlic

Trio of Dips

Hummus, Taramasalata, Tzatziki

Greek Salad

Finely chopped salad with feta cheese and olives

Avocado with prawns

Avocado pear served with luxury prawns, Marie-Rose sauce and salad garnish

Sharing Meze Platter for Four

Prawns, Halloumi, Hummus, Whitebait, Taramasalata, Tzatziki, Calamari

Hot Starters

Mushrooms in Garlic Butter

Mushrooms cooked in garlic butter and parsley served with a salad garnish


Squid rings marinated in our special herbs coated in flour and deep fried. Served with a salad garnish and sweet chilli sauce


Breaded and deep fried. Served with a salad garnish and tartar sauce


4 pieces of grilled Cypriot cheese served with salad garnish

Sweet Chilli Chicken Fillets

4 succulent pieces of grilled chicken strips in sweet chilli sauce, served with a salad garnish

Mussels in garlic butter

Pan fried mussels in garlic butter and parsley, served with salad garnish and lemon wedge

Tiger Prawns in Garlic Butter

Pan fried Tiger Prawns in garlic butter and parsley, served with a salad garnish and lemon wedge


All served with Steak Chips, Jacket or Saute Potatoes and a Greek Salad

Steaks and Specials

Sirloin Steak 350g

Cut from the tender loin, Prime succulent sirloin cooked to your liking

Rib eye steak 350g

Tastiest cut from the rib, marbled and juicy

Fillet Steak 300g

This is the king of all steak cuts, most tender

T-Bone Steak 630g

Steak lovers heaven, sirloin and fillet on the bone

Fillet Medallions

Juicy fillet medallions very tasty and tender

Saucy Fillet

Fillet steak cooked with mushrooms and, creamy sherry sauce

Peppered Fillet

Fillet steak cooked in creamy peppercorn sauce

Chefs Favourite

Fillet steak filled with feta cheese, cooked with mushrooms, in a creamy port sauce

Lamb Chops (4)

Prime English chops grilled


Chicken Shish

Chicken fillets, skewered with peppers, mushrooms, and onions cooked on charcoal

Chicken Fillet

Chicken fillet, charcoal grilled

Peppered Chicken

Chicken fillet cooked in a creamy peppercorn sauce

Garlic Chicken

Chicken filled grilled with garlic butter and parsley

Sweet Chilli Chicken

Chicken fillet grilled with our special sweet chilli sauce

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken fillet filled with cheese and ham

Chicken Supreme

Chicken fillet, cooked in wine, cream and mushroom sauce



The best quality whole tail Scampi, breaded and deep fried

Sea Bream

Filleted and grilled

Sea Bass

Filleted and grilled

Sea Bass & Sea Bream

Sides and Extras

Sauté Potatoes
Steak Chips
Onion Rings
Grilled Tomatoes
Grilled Onions


All our sauces are freshly made to order

Peppercorn Sauce
Chefs Favourite Sauce
Sherry & Mushroom Sauce
Red Wine & Mushroom Sauce
White Wine & Mushroom Sauce


Ice Cream

Choose from Strawberry or Chocolate

Freshly made Pancakes

Choose from Lemon & Sugar, Cherries, Banana or Nutella. All served with maple syrup, cream or ice cream

Dessert of the Day

With Cream/Ice Cream

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